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Welcome to Gail's Paper Dolls.  

Let me create a custom paper doll of you or your child!



School plays

 Talent shows


Family Reunions

Birthdays and Christmas

Baby showers  Bridal Showers  

Paper doll cutouts of your loved ones.  All scrapbooking dolls are printed on acid free paper using acid free ink.

Paper dolls of the entire family for table centerpieces or souvenirs.


What a great present for them to have their own paper doll with costumes they actually wore. A star is born!  


Pet, favorite doll, or favorite stuffed animal free! 

 Dolls any nationality any age

"A Perfect Birthday Present"

Image result for animated birthday graphics


 visit Gail's free Celebrity Paper Dolls here


Paper Dolls by Gail has been creating unique personalized paper dolls of adults and children for the last 20 years.  Personalized     Paper Dolls for every occasion.  Paper Dolls that look just like him or her.

Her doll will have 15 outfits to match her 15 outfits.




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